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11.11.2020Positive Student Ambassador Training Program
16.10.2020F.1 Students Orientation Day and Workshop
30.06.2020Peer Counselling Scheme 2019-2020
10.01.2020Life Education - Sharing through Music
12.12.2019F3-F4 Positive Education Program (點燃動力) by Counselling Team
12.12.2019F1-F2 Positive Education Program (感恩的心) by Counselling Team
08.11.2019F5-F6 Positive Education Program (逆風飛翔) by Counselling Team
07.11.2019Theatresports Experience Day
07.11.2019Badge Presentation Ceremony
06.11.2019Sunday Examiner: Sports day prayer for Hong Kong
06.11.2019公教報: 瑪利諾神父教會學校陸運會
03.10.2019Annual Athletic Meet--Pray for Hong Kong
23.09.2019Graffiti Tutti
19.09.2019F.1 Orientation Workshop 2019
19.09.2019"Joyful@HK" Campaign - Teacher Professional Development
06.09.2019F.1 Orientation Day
09.07.2019Peer Counsellors’ Consolidation Camp
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