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Mr. Kwok Yu Fai (郭宇輝) [Head]
Mr. Leung Wai Sing (梁偉星)[Assistant Head]
Ms. Chu Cheuk Fu (朱倬芙)
Ms. Lee Man Ching (李汶靜)
Mr. Li Kin Wing (李健榮)
Mr. Mak Kwong Cheong (麥廣昌)
Mr. Sze Ka Wai (施嘉偉)
Ms. Yip Lai Nga (葉麗雅)


To provide students with a general sense of pattern and power of mathematics for solving daily life problems, and the abilities of using mathematics as a tool for solving problems in other school subjects. To cultivate students' interest in mathematics as well as to encourage self-initiated learning in the development of relevant concepts, abilities, and skills. To establish a firm foundation required for those who wish to further their study in mathematics. To develop the potentials of mathematically gifted students to meet their educational needs. To develop students' generic skills and higher-order thinking skills through project-based learning.


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