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60th Anniversary
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Ms. Yu Ching Yee (余靜宜) [Head] 
Ms. Chan Wai Chong (陳慧莊)
Mr. Kwan Shu Kei (關樹基)
Mr. Liu Hok Him (廖學謙)
Ms. Tai Pui Kei (戴沛琪) 
Mr. Tung Kwok Leung (董國樑) 
Ms. Tung Yee Man (董綺雯)


(I) Knowledge

Students can understand:

  1. the basic knowledge of EPA, geography and history,
  2. the important issues of their own school, their society, their country and the whole world.

(II)    Skills

Students can learn:

  1. the different kinds of generic skills such as creativity, communication skills and collaboration skills etc.,
  2. enquiry learning skills through classroom learning and project learning so as to achieve independent and self directed learning,
  3. group discussion skills

(III)    AttitudesStudents can adopt:

  1. self directed learning attitude,
  2. social awareness,
  3. attitude of learning outside classroom.


  1. The curriculum has been designed according to the school-based needs of Maryknoll Fathers' School. For example, topics like "Knowing the history of Maryknoll Fathers' School" and "Knowing the geography and historical background in Hong Kong" are tailor-made for enhancing the belongingness of our students.
  2. The curriculum will focus on the following parts of the PSHE KLA guide 2010.

Strand 1. Personal and Social Development
Strand 2. Time, Continuity and Change
Strand 3. Culture and Heritage
Strand 4. Place and Environment
Strand 5. Resources and Economic Activities
Strand 6. Social Systems and Citizenship

  1. The focus on using daily life teaching materials in the school based curriculum.
  2. Emphasis will be put on developing students' generic skills and their multi-perspectives thinking.
Students' Work -Magnificent Architectures in Early Civilization


23.05.2016 Inter-House Quiz Competition



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