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Mr. Liu Hok Him (廖學謙) [Head]
Ms. Chan Wai Chong (陳慧莊)


  1. to develop an interest in the study of geography.
  2. to acquire the basic and essential geographical concepts, knowledge and specific geographical skills so as to be able to analyze the current issues ranging from the local scale, to the regional or even the global scale and to understand the management issues thus arising.
  3. to respect all forms of life and are ready to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining a balanced environment in their immediate environment and the earth system as a whole.


30.04.2019F5 Geography Fieldwork to Hok Tau
13.03.2019The Hong Kong Geopark School Programme
05.11.2018Outreach Program
05.11.2018A talk on South Pole
07.05.2018Hang Lung Young Architect Competition
27.04.2018Purchase of Geography Book (F.5X2, F5X3 Geog)
26.04.2018F4 Geography fieldtrip to Cheung Chau
12.12.2017Geography Field Trip to Cheung Chau
31.10.2017Rock and Mineral Workshop
23.10.2017Visit to the Hydroponic Farm
23.10.2017Visit to the Stephen Hui Geological Museum
17.10.2017Hang Lung Young Architects Program Launch Ceremony and Guided Tour
11.10.2017Geography Visit to the Hydroponic Farm (F.6X2)
11.10.2017Visit to Stephen Hui Geological Museum (F.5X3)
10.10.2017Hang Lung Young Architects Program
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