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Father Reilly Scholarship 賴存忠神父獎學金
Father Peter Alphonsus Reilly was founder and first supervisor (1957 - 1994) of Maryknoll Fathers' School. He died in St. Teresa’s Hospital, Hong Kong, on Sunday evening, June 20, 1994. He was 82 years of age and a Maryknoll priest for 54 years. Father Reilly said of himself: “I have always been happy and peaceful in my vocation and deeply loyal to Maryknoll.”  1

A requiem mass for Fr. Reilly (賴神父追思彌撒) will be held in the second Saterday of June every year at school chapel.

More inforation:

Sponsorship: Alumni Donation
Target students: F.6
Criteria: Outstanding performance in the highest public examination
Students chosen: Two students
Amount per student
per year (HK$):
2000 (1000 before 2006)
Father Reilly Scholarship Recipients
2019-2020 Due to pandemic
2018-2019 Cheung Hoi Tim Lam Yee Ching
2017-2018 Fok Pak Hung Pong Shuk Kwan
2016-2017 Chan Kam Ping Kee Ka Yee
2015-2016 Ho Wing Yan So Kwok Wai
2014-2015 Chiu Yee Ting Elaine Kot Thompson Ka Ming
2013-2014 Chen Zhao Fa Wu Tsz Chun
2012-2013 Li Tsz Wai Tang Man On
2011-2012 Due to reform of public examination
2010-2011 Chong Wing Yee Tang Long Tian Aaron
2009-2010 Yiu Pui Hung Daniel Lam Chi Ho
2008-2009 Mok Tsz Ho Ng Wai Wai
2007-2008 Fung Kam Ting Sham Katie Kay Man
2006-2007 Mok Kar Yat Chai Sze Kit
2005-2006 Lai Man Lam Lam Tsz Chun
2004-2005 Cheong Wan Ning, Teresa Lee Ka Lee
2003-2004 Ma Suet Ying Mak Wing Lun
2002-2003 Suen Yat Yee Fan Chi Chiu
2001-2002 Lo Yan Yan Tsang Tin Ho
2000-2001 Ng Ka To Ho Lo Yi
1999-2000 Lau Kwai Chun Cheung Oi Yin
1998-1999 Yueng Ka Ho Siu Lai Yu
1997-1998 Yueng Man Wing Lau Ka Wang, Alan
1996-1997 Mok Ho Nam, Belle Lau Wing Yin
1995-1996 Sun Pik Yi  

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