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#English Language


English Zone Activities 2017-11-09

It’s October. It’s Halloween season! A horror movie and song appreciation activity was held during lunch-time on 26 October. Our Form 2 students watched a short movie, “Pluto’s Judgement Day”. Mickey’s dog, Pluto, used to hate cats. In a dream, Pluto is sent to hell and judged by the cats for having bullied them. When he is awake, Pluto realizes that he was wrong and befriended Mickey’s new cat. In the horror movie session, our students were introduced the “Freytag’s Pyramid”, through which they learn how to analyze a story from its structure. In the song appreciation session, our students listened to a Disney song, “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. In the activity, they learned different ways to say “ghosts” and “scary”. Who said learning cannot be fun?

#English Language

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